DriverCare has an authorised repairer network and field service 
agents that maintain a high level of quality control and 
accountability to benefit our clients.


Our experience in the fleet and repair industry means we are 
aware of the costs and timings involved in repairs, quality 
standards and benchmarks. Most people have little idea of what is involved in the 
processes in a repair shop. Their familiarity with ‘Bob down the road’ 
has no bearing on the best job for their car, for safety reasons and resale value. We have taken the responsibility for you to ensure that quality repairs are undertaken.


The repairers must satisfy certain criteria. As we arrange for your car to be picked up, the repairer has to have transit insurance. Their equipment has to be of a standard that ensures the safety of your car. They are required to have minimal tolerance equipment and bench and aligning machines that are computer calibrated.


To ensure a good paint job and faster turnaround, repairers are also required to have downdraft and infra-red technology associated with their baking ovens.

In a metropolitan area they need to have a suitable number of booths to ensure an acceptable measure of throughput. We also check they have suitable waste disposal procedures for environmental sustainability.